january: currently

i've been thinking about ways to expand my documenting.  i'm not looking at doing a bunch of different albums - just simple ways to document more of our lives (and particularly more of me and the Mr and not just the kids). i'm not sure if i'm going to make these same type of lists about the kids yet. i will likely include everything in my project life album for the year.


READING yes, please by amy poehler

WATCHING one tree hill from the beginning.  i'm almost finished with season 3.

DRINKING holiday season is over so i'm back to an iced 4 pump chai tea latte.  also trying to drink more water during the day.

TEXTING jesalyn about random things all day

CRAFTING project life

GOING out with friends - twice so far this month!

PLANNING what concerts we are going to see this year

STARTING thank you notes for christmas and G's birthday

CONSIDERING a new kitchen faucet

DOING pure barre dvds



reflections about home

"Returning to a city you once loved tends to be a hit-or-miss proposition. Like rereading 'The Catcher in the Rye' or rewatching a John Hughes movie, it can be a letdown. For one thing, the you who originally loved the city is not the 'you' you are now; also, the city you loved is no longer the city it was, or at least not the city you remembered it to be." ~Edward Klee

my friend shared this quote on facebook and it really resonated with me.  i've been thinking a lot about how life has changed lately.  it's been almost a year since we moved to colorado.  this is really the first time in my life that i've lived away from family. even in college, i only went to school 45 minutes away and i was home almost every weekend.  i even came home for a semester when i was burnt out on sorority life. sometimes i like think that maybe i should've done things differently - went out of state, travelled more, pursued being an exchange student. but really, i just wasn't ready.

this move was forced on us (as work moves generally are) and there have been adjustments.

time has been an adjustment.  it takes longer to get everywhere so it takes a little more planning.  the Mr spends a lot more time away from the house because of his commute.  nights out cost a lot more since we need a sitter and we have driving time to add on to the bill.

staying in contact has been an adjustment.  i was used to dropping by more and keeping up with people in person.  figuring out the balance now of using this space, social media, texts, phone calls, and facetime is hard. i struggle with it daily.

my trips back to tulsa this year have mostly showed me how much i really do love it here.  sure, i miss the old place and the people. but i'm also happy i have some space.  to figure out what i like and what motivates me.  i'm happy that it is me & the Mr figuring it all out on our own. i'm happy to gain back my independence.

it has been an adjustment, but this is home now.  and that makes me happy.



just like his friends

big changes happening around here.  G went through the carpool line.

back in august, G went to orientation camp since he was new to the school.  it was good for him to get to be in the school with a smaller group of kids, but it was a hard transition.  that week, we had him get out of the car with a teacher - just like he would be doing once school started - and it was a disaster.  he wanted me to walk him in like i always had at his old school.

so a couple weeks later, when school actually started, he freaked out about the thought of the carpool line.  i have to walk cooper into school anyway, so taking G with me wasn't an issue.  and his teacher wasn't concerned about me bringing him to the classroom because he wasn't hanging on me.  he happily went to school - as long as we got to walk in together, drop cooper in his room first, and then go to grayson's room.

but yesterday, when we entered a group of kids from his class were walking in at the same time and going straight into the classroom and he said he wanted to go in that door with his friends.  "you go to cooper's room; see you soon" were his words.  so i asked if he wanted to try the carpool line today and he did.  he got out.  he walked in.  he got some cheers from the other teachers.

and i got a big huge happy heart.